Mini Manicure - £18 – 15 mins
File, Tidy & Polish
Mini Pedicure - £18 – 15 mins
File, Tidy & Polish
Shellac Manicure – £46 – 45 mins
File, Tidy, Shellac, Exfoliate, Massage
Take off & mini treatment - £25 – 30 mins
Mens Manicure - £25 – 25 mins
File, Tidy, Cuticles, Exfoliate, Massage
Massage - £16 – 15 mins
Luxury Manicure - £32 – 40 mins
File, tidy, cuticles, exfoliate, massage & polish
Luxury Pedicure - £36 – 40 mins
File, tidy, cuticles, exfoliate, massage & polish
Shellac Pedicure– £55 – 45 mins
File, tidy, Shellac, exfoliate, massage
Gel full set - £60 – 1hr 30 mins
Gel infills - £45 – 1hr 15 mins
Mens Pedicure - £30 – 25mins
File, tidy, cuticles, exfoliate, massage
Take off - £10 – 15 mins
Olivia Palermo
Jul / 2013

"What strikes you first is the entirely calming boutique interior – covetable items (perfect gifts for a loved one or one’s self) are beautifully displayed, never failing to capture attention while the chic clientele recline to enjoy their treatments. The atmosphere is relaxed, whilst the expert care the team provides speaks for itself."

| |

Vanity Fair
Apr / 2013

"When it comes to toes, the most hardwearing pedicure is a Shellac at Sophie Gass. Perfect for leaping about in sandals, because once the varnish is on you need a sledge hammer to get it off. (Or more sensibly, proper removal at the salon.)"

| Alice B-B - The A List |

Luxe City Guides
Apr / 2013

"Seeking chic, independent respite in chain store-choked London? Then remember the name Sophie Gass, for this clever gal has gone and combined a few of our favourite things in one ab-fab Holland Park boutique – namely precision mani/pedis, fresh flowers, stylish womenswear and one-off accessories. Flick through your personal iPad while being pampered tip to toe, then spy the well-curated edit of snuggly knits, floaty camis and gorgeous sparklers Gass handpicks for sale. Finally, treat yourself to some pretty blooms by Galton Flowers before reemerging, ready to paint the town glam. Just add bubbles, darling."

| Luxe City Guides |

Harpers Bazaar
Mar / 2013

"You’d be forgiven for thinking that you had walked into a chic jewellery or lounge ware boutique upon entering hot nail spot, Sophie Gass, on Holland Park Avenue. Well, the salon is that too (the semi precious trinkets and wafty dresses, all in the chicest nude shades, are all utterly desirable), but Gass’ girls really do excel in an incredible manicure. Tasteful luxe is decidedly the vibe: with a line-up of Essie polishes in all the shades you really want to wear, an all white interior, this is a candle-lit retreat where a glass of champagne comes as standard whilst you sink into a pretty chair and relax. Look no further for the best paint jobs in West London."

| Sophie Forte - Beauty Director |

Mar / 2013

“Sophie Gass is a nail boutique takes the word ‘multi-tasking’ to a whole new level. Nestled in the heart of bougie Holland Park, it’s not just a place to get a mani-pedi – it’s also a clothes boutique and purveyor of charming little trinkets. Some boutiques overdo the whole feminine ‘treat yourself’ vibe by drowning visitors in a sea of pink and girlie mags – Sophie Gass is a refreshing exercise in thoughtful restraint and intelligent customer service.”

| Wonderland Magazine |

Mar / 2013

“In a city as big as London there are many places to get manicured, but Sophie’s is seriously one of the best. The manicures don’t just look great, they last, too and getting them done is far from a chore – I’d happily hang out there all afternoon chatting, playing on the iPads and shopping. The manis and pedis are fairly priced too, which is a relief, because it’s almost impossible to leave without treating yourself to some little trinket.”

| Liz Newman – Editor |

Jan / 2013

“Situated just a stone’s throw away from the nearest underground stop, slick signage denotes the store that welcomes its visitors with the instantly soothing aromas of both fresh flora and scented candles. Channelling a sense of relaxation from the moment the first foot steps through the door, clients are invited to take a seat on a chaise longue by the window and watch the world go by with a cappuccino before readying for their mani or pedi.”

| Helena Biggs – Editor |

Nov / 2012

“Hot new destination on our beauty speed dial comes in the shape of Sophie Gass, a luxe nail boutique in Holland Park that is just what you'd imagine a high-end nail place to be like. The cool thing about Sophie Gass though is that it's got a whole lot more than just nails; from fresh flowers for sale, little jewelled trinkets and even a select range of clothing (think silk camisoles and soft jumpers) as well as home accessories.”

| Angelica Hermon – Beauty Co-ordinator |

Vanity Fair
Nov / 2012

"There are several excellent reasons to visit Sophie Gass' new eponymous shop on Ladbroke Grove. Think about it. How often do you arrive at a white, orchid-filled, "have I arrived in Heaven?" space, TOLD to sit down in a comfy leather chair and handed an iPad to mess about with? Oh and then someone washes and scrubs your feet and makes your toes look pretty. Not often enough right? Sophie Gass is the antidote to the bustling beauty salon or the high-street nail bar. And there's space for neat-nailed chaps too."

| Alice B-B - 'The A-list' |

Kathleen Baird-Murray
Oct / 2012

"Ordinary nail bar, it is not. Beauty salon, it is not. Look, you get your nails done in white/mirror/orchid surroundings and if you're feeling flush you'll treat yourself or a friend to a little bracelet or a necklace and you might even splash out on a top, as she has those too. I love the simplicity of no-tanning, no-waxing, no-blow-dries. Most of all I love no fumes. Just nails. Perfectly painted, in Essie colours, by Carmen."

| Kathleen Baird-Murray - Editor |

Sophie Gass is a concept Fashion, Flowers and Nail
Boutique situated in the heart of Holland Park.

The store aims to provide a haven for one off fashion pieces
and accessories along with the highest quality manicures and pedicures, offering a full range of Essie products and highly experienced nail technicians.
Simple and sophisticated hand tied flower arrangements are available through our partnership with Galton Flowers, perfect as a gift or to brighten up the home. Sophie Gass is a place to relax, socialise and shop all in close proximity to bustling Notting Hill and beautiful Holland Park.